What better way is there to increase your home’s value and extend your usable living space than to add a custom finished basement?
Having the flexibility to add additional space into your home allows for a multitude of options that can benefit your family’s needs, including spare bedrooms, extra storage space, or perhaps even a more open, warm family room to enjoy spending that quality family time together.
Your basement truly has unlimited potential, and that is where Calgary Basement Finishing specializes in bringing your visions into reality. With dozens of years of combined experience and even more completed custom basements across the Calgary area, we strive to maintain our reputation as the best basement finishing company in Calgary.
We strive to ensure that your family truly benefits from our contribution, as well as increaseing the value of your home.


We work with you to create a unique and customizable space that suits your needs and ultimately fulfills your expectations with 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Thorough planning and design are both absolutely necessary to create such wonderful and precise works of art, and we are proud to include our customers in the basement finishing design process every step of the way. Taking into consideration a wide array of options, whether it be custom shelving or built in cabinetry, we ensure that every detail of the project is something that you will truly benefit you for years to come. The building process that we have come to know and be capable of delivering generally takes anywhere from 30-40 days from project start to finish. This, of course, is just a general estimate and certain aspects of a project could extend the project time by much more.


​As a general contractor that specializes in custom basement finishing, our ultimate goal is to provide a quick and catering solution to our customers looking to pursue a basement finishing and basement remodeling project in their home. After years of strenuous experience and hand selecting our employees through rigorous training and observation, we have obtained and perfected the ultimate crew that can deliver professional, high quality service and expertise to all of our customers. Our pre construction services include reviewing floor plans or a full design build plan, transparent budgeting of any project, ideas or designs for the interior after the initial part is complete, final design review, a full schedule and plan for your desired project, and we can also present a full project walkthrough on paper that is present with a checklist so that our progress is transparent. After the project is completed and done, we are also available for a follow-up meeting one year after the project is completed to see how everything holds up and how much that you and your family have enjoyed the new design in your home.


Having a special place for family time and bonding moments is a sacred thing that we take very seriously when helping our customers on their journey to improve the livelihood of their home. We understand the importance of a comfortable, enjoyable atmosphere when designing and customizing a basement finishing project. Our ability to envision a space, focus our attention to detail and bring it into reality is a form of art we have grown to love and perfect. Basement remodeling and finishing a basement are serious projects that are best left to people who have perfected the craft. At Calgary Basement Finishing, we have created and bonded a team of experts that enjoy working together to perfect their craft. The ultimate reward for our services is the face of a blown away customer after they enter their finished custom basement with a look of awe and joy.